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Stakeholders in Project Management

Your project’s success depends on the satisfaction of your project stakeholders. Sometimes, you have completed the project; the client has accepted all deliverables. However, the project is not successful because some of your stakeholders are not happy. Stakeholder satisfaction is a sign of successful project completion. Now, you might be wondering who the project stakeholders […]

What is a Projectized Organization Structure?

Today we will discuss projectized organization structure. Organizations are having to adapt to stay profitable in this tough market, they must be results-oriented while improving their operations and working conditions. Organizations must adapt to a suitable structure to achieve their business goals, whether that be a functional, projectized, matrix, or other types of structure. Now […]

Three-Point Estimation Technique in Project Management

Today, we will discuss the three-point estimation technique in project management. Three-point estimating is a quantitative assessment technique that uses a mathematical process to calculate estimation. Workflow cost and schedule estimation are crucial for project managers. The three-point estimation technique offers an effective method to balance timelines, prepare for uncertainties, and interpret estimate disparity.  Let’s […]

5 Conflict Resolution Techniques in Project Management

Today we will discuss the five conflict resolution techniques that we use in project management to resolve conflict. These techniques are universal to any type of workplace. Read More: PMI Certifications However, in project management, the work environment is dynamic and stressful, unlike the functional environment. Conflicts are common occurrences. If you are managing projects, […]

Triple Constraints in Project Management

Today, our topic is triple constraints in project management. We know that projects are temporary; they have to be completed within a fixed duration, with limited resources. Read More: PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) Managing a project is not easy, and project managers have to fight for resources in their organization. They face many constraints on […]

10 Popular Project Management Methodologies

Project management methodologies have essential roles in how you govern your project. Until a few years back we used to have one popular project management methodology, which is the traditional project management methodology or waterfall. This methodology was useful for construction types of projects where you have a well-defined scope; however, IT projects had trouble […]

What is a Project?

Let’s start with the project What is a Project? According to the PMBOK Guide, a project is defined as a “temporary endeavor to create a unique product, service or result.” Learn More: PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) Projects are undertaken to fulfill objectives by producing deliverables. A deliverable is a unique and verifiable product or […]

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